To: Mars

Over the years there have been many missions to Mars.  The latest, Mars Science Lab including the Curiosity Rover,  launched recently on November 26, 2011.  The first was Pioneer 10, launched in 1972.  Further details about the Jupiter missions can be found on NASA’s Mars web pages.   Mars is a planet a little smaller earth, with a radius of about 1/2 that of earth (3376.2 km for mars vs 6356.8 for earth) and is at a distance from earth of between 36 to 250 million kilometers.  More details about Jupiter can be found on NASA’s Mars Fact Sheet.
Mars Science Laboratory (with the Curiosity Rover) mission to Mars
On November 26, 2011 NASA launched the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) to Mars.  MSL will arrive August, 2012.  You can find out much more about this mission by visiting the NASA MSL web pages or the JPL MSL web pages.
  • Launch
    NASA TV Launch Coverage of MSL Liftoff
  • MSL - The next big mission
    Description of the mission of the Mars Science Laboratory
  • Curiosity Arrives Animation
    Narrated JPL animation of how Curiosity lands on Mars
  • Atlas 5 Preparation
    Atlas 5 Rocket Stacking And Preparations For Launch Of Mars Science Laboratory
  • Testing Curiosity 1
    Early tests of the rover and explanations
  • Building Curiosity 1
    Curiosity is flipped over
  • Building Curiosity 2
    Curiosity is getting wired
  • Building Curiosity 3
    Curiosity spin table testing
  • Building Curiosity 4
    Curiosity gets hot new wheels
  • Building Curiosity 5
    Curiosity drop test
  • Building Curiosity 6
    Curiosity shake and bake test
  • Building Curiosity 7
    Curiosity power system explained
  • Building Curiosity 8
    Curiosity gets packed up for Florida
  • Building Curiosity 9
    Curiosity - Robotic arm
  • Building Curiosity 10
    Curiosity - Details of the mobility system
  • Building Curiosity 11
    Curiosity goes through vibration testing
  • Building Curiosity 12
    Curiosity learns hand-eye coordination
  • Buiding Curiosity 13
    Curiosity is moved to Florida

Current and Past Missions

Phobos-Grunt – 2011 Attempted Russian Phobos Sample Return

Yinghuo-1- 2011 Attempted Chinese Mars Orbiter

Phoenix- 2007 NASA Mars Scout Lander

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter – 2005 NASA Orbiter

Mars Exploration Rovers- 2003 Two NASA Rovers to Mars

Mars Express – 2003 ESA Mars Orbiter and Lander

Mars Odyssey – 2001 NASA Orbiter Mission to Mars

Mars Polar Lander – 1999 NASA attempted lander to Mars

Deep Space 2 – NASA attempted penetrator mission to Mars

Mars Climate Orbiter – 1998 NASA attempted orbiter to Mars

Nozomi (Planet-B) – 1998 ISAS (Japan) orbiter to Mars

Mars Global Surveyor – 1996 NASA Mars orbiter

Mars Pathfinder – 1996 NASA lander and rover to Mars

Mars 96 – 1996 Russian attempted mission to Mars

Mars Observer – 1992 NASA attempted mission to Mars

Phobos – 1998 Soviet missions to Mars

Viking – 1975 NASA orbiters/landers to Mars

Mars 6 – 1973 Soviet Mars lander

Mars 5 – 1973 Soviet Mars orbiter

Mariner 9 – 1971 NASA Mars orbiter

Mars 3 – 1971 Soviet Mars orbiter and lander

Mars 2 – 1971 Soviet Mars orbiter and lander

Mariner 7 – 1969 NASA Mars flyby

Mariner 6 – 1969 NASA Mars flyby

Mariner 4 -1964 NASA Mars flyby

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