2014 Challenge

SPARC is the Student Payload and Rocketry Challenge with the emphasis more on the payload.  SPARC begins June 1, 2014 and ends October 11, 2o14 with a Rocket Science Fair at the ROCtober launch with the Rocketry Organization of California.   Students (7th through 12th grade) participating in SPARC will:

  • Design and engineering or scientific payload using Arduino electronics
  • Submit a description of the project and have it approved
  • Build a rocket and launch with their payload
  • Can choose to earn their High Power Participation Certificate (14 years +)
  • Participate in the Rocket Science Fair at ROCtober

Arduino Tutorials and payload suggestions will be posted in the SPARC Tutorials page

SPARC Rules (Final V1.1 – 5/30/2014)