Launch Site Weather
Weather at the launch site is always a concern. If the wind is too high, we don’t want to launch. If it is 20MPH or above we can’t launch. We would prefer a comfortable temperature and no rain. And if it has rained quite a bit in the desert, the dry lake can be too muddy to drive on:

  • Click on the graphic image below for the five day forecast at a launch site.  On that page
    • The “Weather at a Glance” section gives details of current conditions
      • Click on “Local Radar” for a radar view of rain in the area
    • The “Forecast” section gives the next five days – click on a specific day for details of wind and temperature across that day
      • Click on “Calendar” for history at that site – this is useful to see how much rain has fallen in recent days
      • Click on “View Detailed Hourly Forecast” for more details every 3  hours across the day

Home (Orange, CA)

Launch Sites
ROC Launch (Lucerne Dry Lake – near Lucerne Valley, CA)

DART Launch (Fiesta Island – near San Diego, CA)

SCRA Launch (Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area – near Irwindale, CA)

Tripoli San Diego Launch (Plaster City – near El Centro, CA)

Tripoli Central California (Helm – near Fresno, CA)
Find more about Weather in Helm, CA

Sacramento Area Rocketry Group (Above Sacramento)

Tripoli Vegas Launch (Jean Dry Lake, Nevada)

F.A.R. (Desert – near Edwards AFB)