ASAT Presentations

ASAT is the Aerospace Systems and Technology Conference sponsored by the AIAA Orange County Section.  It is held annually in early May or Late April.  Some student have posters and presentations.  And we have made several presentations on rocketry in STEM:

ASAT 2014

Beyond the Classroom – Experiencing Science Through Rocketry (6MB PDF)

ASAT 2015

Engaging High School Students in a CubeSat Project (3MB PDF)

Building a Simple Ground Station (11MB PPT – be patient – uses videos below)

Video:  NOAA Weather Satellite  (26MB – used in above PPT)

Video:  Slow Scan TV from ISS  (21MB – used in above PPT)

Video: UKube-1 (Funcube 2/AO-73)  (17MB – used in above PPT)

Video:  Fuji-Oscar 29 (JAS-2) (26MB – used in above PPT)

ASAT 2016

Bits Bytes and  Rockets – STEM Through Rocketry Electronics – (3.4 MB PDF)