SLI 2011-2012

We’re back! Our team is returning for another year and another great experience to participate in SLI. This year we are taking a completely different approach to our project. Our entire team is hanging onto their seats as we try to conquer new heights and new challenges. This year our team is using carbon fiber material for the rocket and our scientific/engineering payload is … drum roll … an unmanned arial vehicle! We have been inspired by MIT and other universities to try and successfully launch an UAV from our rocket and fly it autonomously while streaming live video. Our teams UAV will not be your average UAV because it will feature a bendable wing! We would like to thank everyone who has helped us in the past and in the ever approaching future!

Mission Statement

We, the Rocketeers, from the AIAA OC Section, will construct and launch a rocket that will reach a mile high with a reusable payload consisting of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle carrying and transmitting a video feed.

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