Videos – High Power

These videos are from a series done by Apogee Rocketry.  If you have not been to their site, Apogee is a great place for educational material about rocketry as well as a source for parts, kits, and motors.  A list of many of their videos is here

Series on building a High Power Rocket
In this series of videos, Apogee Rocketry shows you what it is like to build a high power rocket kit.  If you build a high power rocket kit, it will probably be a little different, but the basic ideas are the same.  Our preference would have been to use 30 minute Epoxy for that size of rocket – and make certain you wear protection for your hands, eyes, and lungs when gluing and painting.

[videogallery id=”Apogee-HighPower”]

Series on Dual Deploy
When rockets go really high and there is a little wind, that wind can push the rocket a long distance from the launch pad if the main parachute deploys at apogee.  The rocket drifts towards the ground slowly and is exposed o the wind for a long time.  Dual deployment helps to solve that problem by using a small parachute at Apogee (allowing the rocket to fall at 50 – 100 ft/s) until a lower altitude (usually several hundred up to a thousand feet), then the main parachute is deployed which slows the rocket further (17 – 25 ft/s).  The following videos from Apogee Rocketry explain the electronics and black powder charges needed for that system

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