Raw Material Sources

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Laminating resin systems – two are most popular for composite construction in rocketry:

West Systems is very popular and has a line or resins and fillers together with a lot of technical information, selection guides and users guides on their web site.  West systems products are available at many retailers, including Aircraft Spruce and West Marine.

Aeropoxy also provides a system of laminating resin.  They also have a lot of technical information available on their web site.  Aeropoxy can be purchased from many retailers, including Aircraft Spruce  and Giant Leap Rocketry.

Carbon Fiber Cloth, Supplies, and DVDs

ShadowAero is a great source of information (including a composite construction video series) on composite construction as well as kits and materials

Aircraft Spruce carries all of the vacuum bagging supplies you need – and the carbon and fiberglass material and resins

Carbon and Fiberglass Sales sells pre-preg plain weave carbon fabric and a lot more

Fiberglast sells pre-preg twill weave carbon fabric and pre-preg fiberglass fabric as well as regular cloths, resins, and much more.

C&J Composite Technology handles a lot of different raw materials including some hybrid cloths of carbon fiber and kevlar for added strength.  And you can find them on ebay.

Freeman Manufacturing has all of your mold making supplies as well as on-line videos of how to use them.  And if you sign up for their newsletter, they will send you a DVD of all of their videos for free.