For this second year in participation of SLI we are still expected to write a proposal, preliminary design review(PDR), critical design review (CDR), flight readiness review (FRR), and post launch assessment review (PLAR). These documents will be posted below as they are completed. I hope you continue with our team with this new project. Hope you enjoy our documents as much as last year!

Original Request for Proposal from NASA


PDR (Preliminary Design Review)

PDR – Milestone Review FlySheet

PDR – PowerPoint Presentation

PDR – Video portion of PowerPoint Presentation

CDR (Critical Design Review)

CDR – Milestone Review Flysheet

CDR – PowerPoint Presentation

CDR – Updated PowerPoint Presentation – additional scale launch & UAV model testing

FRR (Flight Readiness Review)

FRR – Milestone Review Flysheet

FRR – PowerPoint Presentation

FRR – Milestone Review Flysheet Updated 2012-04-08

FRR – PowerPoint Presentation Updated 2012-04-08

PLAR – Post Launch Assessment Review