General Information

Model Rocket Maintenance and Technology  is a great model rocket information overview suggested to us by Maddie – a future Science Teacher

Apogee Rocketry Video Tutorial Library Video tutorials from Tim Van Milligan of Apogee Rocketry covering many aspects of designing and building sport rockets.

Apogee Rocketry Rocksim Video Tutorials Tutorial videos on the use of RockSim – one of the most used Computer Aided Design programs for designing and simulating sport rockets.

Apogee Rocketry Newsletter Monthly newsletter covering a variety of relevant topics

Info Central by Rocketry OnLine Use the links on the left of the Info Central page to view great information on all aspects of sport rocketry.

JIMZ  on the old Space Modeling web site has an extensive collection of model rocket plans and general information:
Estes1     Estes2     Centuri     Model Rocket News     Publications     EnerJet/Mini-Max
MPC      MRC      New     Other Get detailed technical information about sport rocketry motors from many different manufacturers, including files to use with RockSim for simulations

High Power Rocketry Strength of Materials  This is a very unique site providing details behind the testing of the strength of various materials and components used in sport rocketry.

Ninfinger Productions – scroll down on the page in this link to find a lot of old catalogues, instruction sheets, and technical reports.  They also host older FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages with a lot of good information:
FAQ 1     FAQ 2     FAQ 3