For thousands of years, mankind has wanted to explore his surroundings.  Thousands of years ago, that was travelling by foot or animal over the next hill.  Hundreds of years ago that was travelling by sea and risking falling off of the earth.  Today it is travelling to far-away planets – someday further exploration may take us to other galaxies.  Scientists and engineers of today, their children, and their children’s children will have he opportunity to play a rold in that exploration.  The links and videos below, and the web pages under this page show how mankind’s need to explore our surroundings has evolved.

As you view the videos below and on the pages under this web page (e.g. To: Jupiter, To: Saturn etc.) remember that new discoveries are constantly being made and some of this information might be outdated, or disproven – what is stated is generally accurate at the time (unless, of course, the producers added “semi-facts” for dramatic effect)

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NASA Missions Home Page

European Space Agency (ESA) Home Page (The ESA has several joint missions with NASA to explore space)