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Team America Rocketry Contest, or TARC is a national contest for 7th through 12th grade students.  Team members are given a challenge, usually to design and build a rocket to reach a particular altitude, with a specified flight duration, carrying one or more eggs and returning them unbroken. 

The Student Launch Initiative, or SLI is a National program for 7th through 12th graders by invitation only.  The top 20 teams in TARC, or the top two teams in Rockets For Schools are invited to participate.  This program gives students the experience of a real engineering program – and the thrill and prestige of working with NASA

The Univerisity Student Launch Initiative, or USLI is a national program similar to SLI except it is for college students.  College students can form a team at their school and submit a proposal for acceptance.

ARLISS is a project open to university students and advanced high school students – Teams build a small satellite (following the project life cycle of a real space project)  to be launched to 12,000 ft AGL in Nevada to retun by parachute, collecting data.

The Battle of the Rockets is a competition for high school teams to build design and fly a rocket for maximum altitude, using a “G” or “H” class impulse motor.  Another competition requires teams to launch a “rover” vehicle after the rocket returns.


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