Vendors – General

The links on this page are for your convenience only. These are a few of the vendors that we have purchased components or kits from over the years and always given us excellent service.  There are many more vendors – just Google.  By policy, we cannot recommend commercial businesses.  (listed alphabetically)

Apogee Rocketry – Software, Kits, Parts, and motors (Colorado)

Discount Rocketry – Kits, Parts, and motors (Southern California – on site at many launches)

Fruity Chutes – Parchutes including custom (Central California)

Giant Leap Rocketry – Kits, Parts, and motors (Louisiana)

Mad Cow Rocketry – Kits and parts (Southern California)

Public Missiles – Kits and parts – higher power (Michigan)

The Rocket Garden – Kits, parts and motors (Colorado)

The Rocket Man – Parachutes (Minnesota)

What’s Up Hobbies – Kits, parts and motors (Central California – on site at many launches )

Wildman Rocketry – Kits, parts and motors (Illinois)