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 Body Tubes/Airframes – Cardboard  small and mid power

   Apogee Rocketry – Light Weight Estes type cardboard body tubes

  Discount Rocketry – Light Weight Estes type cardboard body tubes           

  Mad Cow Rocketry  – Medium weight cardboard body tubes and some fiberglass

Body Tubes/Airframes – Non Cardboard small through high power

  Apogee Rocketry – From LOC Precision (Kraft Paper)
  Apogee Rocketry – Blue Tubes
  Apogee Rocketry – Fiberglass

  Giant Leap – Magnaframe composite
  Giant Leap – Dynawind – Magna compression bonded with f iberglass
  Giant Leap – Phenolic and Fiberglass

  Hawk Mountain – Fiberglass (through 7.5 inch)

  Mad Cow Rocketry – Fiberglass (2.6 inch and 3.9 inch – scroll down page)

  Performance Hobbies – Fiberglass (through 8.25 inch)
  Performance Rocketry – Fiberglass

  Public Missiles – Carbon Fiber
  Public Missiles – Quantum, Phenolic, Fiberglassed wrapped phenolic

  What’s Up Hobbies – Polecat Aerospace (Fiberglass over cardboard)
  What’s Up Hobbies – LOC Precision
  What’s Up Hobbies – Blue Tube

  Wildman Rocketry – Peformance Rocketry Carbon (through 8.25 inch)
  Wildman Rocketry – Performance Rocketry Fiberglass (through 8.25 inch)
  Wildman Rocketry – LOC Precision (through 7.5 inch)
  Wildman Rocketry – Public Missiles Phenolic (through 7.5 inch)
  Wildman Rocketry – Public Missiles Quantum (through 3.9 inch)